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Auditorium part selection

Auditorium part selection

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Seat selection

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Example ticket

Sales report (partial)

Sales report (partial)

Are you planning to sell tickets online?
Running a theater or sports team and need a system for managing tickets?
Or planning to sell ticketing services to others?

Our event ticket system behind our very own store offers a wide variety of features, making selling tickets online, offline, onsite and managing them easy.
We have now opened the software platform for other users as well.

The system consists of three units:

  • Event and event organisers’ management – for  event data and event organiser data
  • Extranet for sales follow-up, reports, making and checking of tickets
  • Online shop for selling tickets via the web

Features include

  • Event organiser management: creation, deleting, modifying event organiser
  • Auditoriums’ management: adding auditoriums, auditorium parts, seating plans
  • PDF-ticket generation, each ticket with individual code and barcode
  • Integration to two brands of ticket printers
  • Ticket checking using a barcode scanner
  • Import of external tickets to ticket checking system
  • Customizable ticket content
  • Detailed reports on tickets sold and used
  • Different types of tickets supported

Online shop features include

  • Customer accounts, allowing customers to register and view their purchases history
  • Event search
  • Seat selection, i.e. the customer can choose their own seats
  • PDF-ticket generation, delivery via direct download or by email
  • Build-in email lists and email tools
  • Discount coupons and gift sertificates
  • Multi-language support
  • Integration possibility to all major (and many not so major) payment gateways
  • Customisable look&feel

Case example

A sports team has an auditorium with a main section including numbered seats and other sections without numbers.

There are various ticket types

  • Tickets to individual games, both seat tickets and unnumbered tickets (without a specific seat)
  • Season tickets, with a reserved seat during the season
  • One-time tickets, valid whole season at any one game
  • Tickets for staff

Tickets have various pricing schemes

  • Full price
  • Discount prices
  • Different price for different parts of the auditorium
  • Group pricing, e.g. buy 10+ get a discount
  • 2 game discounts, e.g. buy tickets to two games simultaneously, get the other one -50%

Full access control on site is used: everybody coming in must have some sort of a ticket and all the tickets are checked using a barcode scanner.

All this (and more) can be managed with Gelo’s event ticket solution



All this is offered using a Software as a Service concept in a simple, easy-to-use web-based inteface.
The service is hosted in the leading cloud provider Amazon AWS, offering super-reliable service that can be scaled up and down. This is essential for managing sales peaks, typical in online ticket sales.

The webshop can be visited at
Please note that this is a live, commercial service.

For more information and pricing, contact or call +358504869855

Reseller enquiries welcome!